Join a union that follows you - wherever you work.

Krifa is a politically independent union specialized to meet our members individual needs. Any one can become a member, regardless of sector or current employment.


A career isn’t quite what it used to be. The time when people stayed with just one job their entire life is definately over. Many of us juggle several fields of expertise, perhaps move between countries or are self employed. That’s why our maintained focus is on you, rather then *what* you do.


Our members have direct access to personal legal assistance and career advisors. Our number one tool is dialogue, rather than strike and conflict.

Membership starts at 239 NOK per month, and is tax deductable if you’re a resident in Norway and recieve salary.

Get in touch to hear more about what we can offer you, and how to become a member.


Krifa Norway is a subsidiary of a danish organization with the same name. Or roots stretch back to 1899 when «Kristeligt Dansk Fællesforbund» was established.

Our most important principle idea is to use dialogue, and ultimately fight in the court system if need may be rather than envoke strike on behalf of our members. We’ve won cases for our members in all levels of court, all the way to the Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights.

Our more than 130 000 members make us one of the largest unions in Scandinavia.


Our advisors are ready to talk about work conditions, contracts, career options, or give you more information about membership. Our office hours are weekdays 9 to 15.

Get in touch to hear more about what we can offer you, and how to become a member.